Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Computer Update

Alright, let's all calm down here. The computer situation appears to be turning around. Last night I was able to install most of my programs, which was key. Only 2 wouldn't work, and only one of those is one I really want. My copy of Photoshop Elements is too old for Vista, so that's too bad. I got my iTunes working, and all of my audio editing programs kicked on with no fuss.

I did have to return my wi-fi router, but was able to exchange it for one that works well. I happened to buy the only one in the store that wasn't Vista-compatible. It's not like I went for the cheapest model, either. Anyway, I'm now online, and my blood pressure is returning to earth.

I give my new computer a thumbs-sideways. Not down, not up, but okay.

On another note, my work softball team plays tonight in the second round of our tournament, after we crushed the Blazers on Monday, 21-11. We came back from a 9-1 deficit in the 2nd inning. We lost our second game 19-9, to those doucheloafs from Entercom (just kidding, they were nice people). It poured rain the entire second game, and games were cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday. We may not have enough players tonight against CBS Radio, though, because our start time is kind of early. Wish us luck!


emmo said...

Glad things are working better... Good luck with Vista. Maybe it's just incompatible with compulsive people (like me). I know a few less intense people who like it just fine... ;-)

Not to say that I condone software piracy or any other violation of federal laws, but I have a "friend" who could hook you up with a Vista-compatible copy of the full version of photoshop when they're in town... if you'd like...

Max Power said...

Officially, I'm not interested. Off the record, let's talk.