Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death to Perry Mason!

My new gig puts me opposite Perry Mason in the ratings, as well as other news shows. But I've picked up the gauntlet from Mike, who used to have this job. He didn't really care what the other guys got, just as long as he did something Burger couldn't... defeat Perry Mason. I never, ever check the ratings, but I've picked up Mike's enthusiasm for defeating the unbeatable Perry Mason. My father-in-law is an avid Perry-watcher, and I've begun with him. Also, I inherited Mike's framed 8x11 picture of Raymond Burr. Unfortunately, it's a shot of him acting in "Ironsides," but it will certainly do.

This is the same picture I stare at everyday.

Death to Perry Mason!

I give this photo six pencil-stuffed pistols!


Midge said...
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Alicia said...

I'm pretty sure the perry-mason viewing audience and the news-viewing audience are mutually exclusive. I'm not sure either show has the power to draw viewers from the other. When the orderlies at my great-grandma's nursing home switched the TV to breaking news about the San Francisco earthquake, they all shouted: "Put Perry Mason back on!!"