Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Touch Football

Some friends and I have played touch football the last two Saturdays. I hadn't played in probably 5 years at least, and I forgot how much fun it can be. I went out and bought a football and some cones. How sad is it that in a group of dudes, all excited to play football, nobody owned a football? Anyway, we had seven guys the first week, with Chuck playing all-time offense. This week we had six, and the game was more fun. I'm not going to lie to you: I suck at touch football. I can throw the ball and catch it, but I'm not terribly fast and couldn't cover a tree stump on defense. My teams have gone 0-2, despite different players each time. The common component was me, so let's assume the fault lies there. We walked from our house to the local high school and played on their practice field. The first week, we actually had some guys ask if they could join in. We said no because we were just about done playing.

I play full-court basketball at least once a week, and although I'm a bit overweight, I'm in reasonable shape. But I gotta tell you, football is tough. I really felt sore afterwards, in places I'm not used to. I also have a sore knee, which is troubling. I turn 30 next year, and haven't really had too many nagging old man injuries. I realize now that it's all downhill from here. Sigh.

Football: 35, Turning Old: 0

ps. This has nothing to do with this blog, but is just one friend warning another friend. When you eat fruit, make sure you wash it first. Otherwise, you may have to leave work early to go home and use the bathroom.


Midge said...
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Unknown said...

That tree stump lit you up for at least 3 scores!
You also forgot to mention it was a clothing optional event.