Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Several of my male co-workers and I are participating in Novembeard, which as you can guess, is a beard growing contest. I think it may be the greatest thing ever, at least since my co-worker and friend Orion had a mustache growing contest. I lost, but it's not fair. My mustache grows in blonde, while his is a dark brown. I don't think I'm going to win, and I sure am going to miss getting some lovin' from my wife while I'm competing, but I think it's worth it. Here are some pictures of good beards:

The Sophisticate

The Referee

Thick Underbrush

The Future of Network News

The Confirmed Bachelor's Best Friend

Let's hope I win. I give this contest: six cans of beard wax.


Midge said...
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Libby said...

I hope you win too, Max, best of luck!

(Are we going to get beard-in-progress reports?)

Max Power said...

I'm going to try and leave updates. The wife wants me to shave of my mustache. Apparently it's like kissing a porcupine. I need to post a pic soon!