Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Best Baguette

This awesome little shop on SE 82nd and Powell deserves your money. When the French colonized Vietnam, they introduced baguettes, and the culinary world is richer for it. Best Baguette takes a fastfood approach to Vietnamese baguettes, and I gotta say, they're delicious. They bake their own foot-long baguettes every hour, and stuff them with a wide variety of meats and veggies. The menu is huge, with Vietnamese and French fixin's. I like the grilled beef sandwich, but the the ham and cheese is good too (despite the odd decision to use American style cheese). The bread is super chewey, with a crackly crisp outside. The prices are fantastic too. The Vietnamese versions are all $3 bucks or so, several around $2.50. The ones Americans are more likely to order are about a buck more. I wonder if that's because they're most likely to be ordered by clueless white people, or because the ingredients are more expensive. Anyway, I digress. Since the store is also a fully functional bakery, they also offer a wide variety of pastries, both French and Asian.

I give Best Baguette in Southeast Portland four super-phallic baguette loaves (on a scale of five).

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