Monday, November 19, 2007

Monster House and Bizarre Cocktails

The wife mentioned recently that she thought this movie looked cute. So I mistakenly told her that I found it on demand on our digital cable last night, and she made me watch it. But the good news is... I actually liked it! I was a little tipsy from my homemade cocktails (which I'll tell you about in a couple paragraphs), but I don't think it skewed my judgment too much.

The movie centers on three kids, who realize that the house across the street is haunted after it tries to eat them. They believe it's haunted by the spirit of the homeowner, a mean old guy who was carted off by an ambulance after chastising one of them. Nobody believes them, so they set off on a mission to put out the fire coming from the chimney, and kill the ghost. At the beginning of the movie, there's a warning by the cable company about adult themes. We sort of looked at each other quizzically when we saw it, because this is an animated kids' movie. We were surprised to see that there actually are some adult themes: death, teenage drinking, and puberty, among others. These are all light references, but they're still there. Unlike many kids movies, the humor was actually funny to grownups. It was a suspenseful little movie, with twists that actually came as somewhat of a surprise. I can honestly recommend this movie to adults and kids. I give it six "Frozen Walt Disney Heads" on a scale of eight.

Now to my weirdo homemade cocktails. We bought Margarita mix at the store, to make with our taco dinner. But we only had enough tequila and ice for one round. Neither of us wanted to go to the store, so we had to get creative for our next drinks. We had a couple of mixers, but without ice, the drinks would get warm quick. So I took some popsicles we had sitting in the fridge, broke them up into the blender, and added 4 shots of vodka. I blended until they were smooth, then poured them into glasses. I topped them off with Diet Cherry 7up. I was pleasantly surprised when the drinks didn't suck. I suggest you try them.


Libby said...

Okay, I am so ordering that movie OnDemand over the long weekend.

As for trying the carbonated popsicle cocktail... em, I'll get back to you on that one.

Hope you and Midge have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Midge said...
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