Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crunchy Healthy Stuffed Chicken

This is a basic recipe I've used for a while, but I threw in some new twists, and I have to tell you: it's good. I like that it's crunchy like it was deep fried, but it's pan fried, and a whole lot healthier. I'm terrible at recipes, so bear with me. I wrote this for one serving, but it can be expanded easily. Sorry I don't have a picture. It's not the prettiest dish anyway, although it's quite tasty.

1 chicken breast
a handful of fresh sliced mushrooms
1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Cheese
1 beaten egg (or egg beater, in a bowl.
a handful of dried, uncooked cous cous, spread on a plate.
olive oil
salt to taste

1. Sautee mushrooms over medium heat. Remove mushrooms, and turn heat down a couple notches.
2. Butterfly chicken breast to create a nice pocket for stuffing.
3. Spread Laughing Cow cheese inside chicken, and then add the sauteed mushrooms.
4. Close chicken breast, making sure no cheese or mushrooms are poking out. You may want to use a toothpick to keep it together.
5. Dip chicken in egg, then thoroughly coat both sides with dried cous cous.
6. Pan fry chicken on both sides, until done all the way through. This will take some time, because the heat is relatively low. But low heat allows chicken to get done, without blackening too much of the cous cous.

The finished product will be golden brown on the outside, with a few burned cous cous grains. A good way to know the chicken is done is to check the cheese. Laughing Cow is a lot like cream cheese, and when it's super melty inside, the meat is likely done, too. I really like this recipe, because it's pretty healthy, and can be adapted as necessary. It makes for a nice substitution for fried chicken breasts in Chicken Parmesan, too. Just butterfly the chicken, spread it out, and dip it in egg and cous cous.

I give this chicken two breasts up. Keep your mind out of the gutter you perverts. Nipples.

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