Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Monday

I have my first work softball game today, in about an hour and 20 minutes. I'm nervous and anxious and excited. It should be fun. It's a media league. Today we play a radio ownership group. They own a right-wing talk station, among others. I hope we bash their faces to the bases! I'm playing shortstop, which can be a harrowing experience in softball. Let's hope I don't boot too many grounders.

In other random thoughts... I thought of three perfect nights with my wife, and I thought I'd share them. In no particular order...

1. The night last fall where we watched "Monster House" on a Sunday. It was a goofy, fun movie, and we had to improvise drinks. All we had was vodka, Diet Cherry 7up, and popsicles. So we blended them all together. That was a fun night.

2. Valentine's Day, 2000. Midge was a student, living in the on-campus apartments. We watched "The Purple Rose of Cairo" and ate chocolate fondue from her little crockpot thingy. I'm pretty sure we laughed a lot that night.

3. I can't pinpoint which night exactly, but the numerous times we spent at the Pied Cow when we first started dating. In all seasons, we'd order the soup of the day, the cheese platter, and some ridiculous coffee drinks. In the winter we'd sit inside, sweating and cramped next to other couples. In the summer we'd sit outside on the terrace, enjoying the night and ignoring the Hookah smoke coming from other patrons.

I give these memories 1.2 billion out of 1.2 billion.

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