Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I don't really know what this means, but apparently my wife wants me to fill out some questions.

Here goes nothin':

Five Things Found in Your Bag:
1. I don't have "a bag"
2. Testes
3. Maybe I should use my wallet...
4. Okay, in my wallet I have some money
5. And a lot of useless reciepts

Five favorite things in your room (I'm using my office):
1. My turntables
2. My record collection
3. My spelling bee trophies
4. My Wheaties boxes from the 1991 Minnesota Twins and 1992 Portland Trailblazers
5. The open, screaming mouth painting I made as a senior in high school

Five things you have always wanted to do:
1. Dunk on a 10-foot rim
2. Become an expert chef
3. Play competitive baseball again
4. Make music professionally
5. Write something meaningful

Five things you are currently into:
1. Work softball and my Tuesday night hoops game
2. Making homemade ribs, sauce and all
3. My wife
4. Lost
5. Looking for a home to buy

That's it. Those are my answers.
I give this poll thing 3 out 4 categories. It was more fun than I thought.


Midge said...
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Stanley said...

Spelling bee trophies?

Is this display meant to be ironic? Or is it truly the cry for approval that it appears to be on the surface? Or both? Only Midge knows for sure.