Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad News

Anyone who knows me will already know this: I am unhappy with my career. It's had its ups and downs, and without going into specifics, it can be very exciting. But overall, I find the negativity of my industry and its lack of schedule flexibility to be inconducive to family life. So I've been looking for another job in a sort of half-assed way. Midge is a hardcore job seeker, so she'll tell you that I haven't looked much. She's right, of course.

Recently I applied for a job with the state in a field that's ancillary to my current career, and right before our Vegas trip I got an email telling me that I was one of 8 finalists. Mind you, it was a good 6-8 weeks since my initial application, and I had already taken a grammar/proofreading test on a Saturday. I was emotionally invested in the opportunity. I was told the interviews would likely be completed by April 7th. Two weeks after this date, I had still heard nothing, so I wrote my second email, asking basically "Hey, what up with that?" And today I got my answer. The state can no longer afford to hire the position for which I was a finalist. Bad economy and all. George W. Fucking Bush can lick my nuts.

I rate today a 0 out 100 points.

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Libby said...

Oh, that bites Max. I'm sorry.