Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Should Grow a Pair

One of the occasional perks of working in local TV news is that we sometimes have celebrities in our building. Not the anchors or reporters, whose status as "celebrities" I find somewhat dubious, but actual honest-to-god celebrities.
For example:

I once saw Bill O'Reilly poke his head into the newsroom. He used to work at my station back when he was an honest newsman (or as close as he ever came), and was back to do a taping for his god-awful show. It was kind of odd. He walked in, half inspecting the newsroom, half waiting for us to shower him with attention. I don't think he anticipated that no one would react in any way to him. It was kind of awesome that nobody acted like he is a big deal.

Also, Rob Neyer of ESPN fame occasionally tapes satellite feeds from our building for ESPN and other sports shows. I've walked right by him, knowing who he is, but saying nothing. He actually lives in Portland, so that's why he's at our building. I was just reading his book, which gave me a perfect opportunity to say hello, and yet, I didn't.

We had Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap and Simpsons fame on our entertainment show, AM Northwest once, doing an appearance with his musician wife. One of my coworkers ran over to the cd shop a couple blocks away and got some Spinal Tap CDs for him to autograph. I was too sheepish to follow suit.

And that brings me to today's lesson in futility. Author, radio essayist and kick-ass human being Sarah Vowell was in our studios today for AM NW, and I watched her on television at my desk. I could have just walked down there and said "Hi, you're great. Let me shake your hand." But instead, I just went "Oh my god, look! It's Sarah Vowell" to no one in particular.

Sarah Vowell's Appearance on AM Northwest

I guess the main reason I don't go up is that I don't want to bother the person. I figure most of these people are like the rest of us (O'Reilly excluded). If I were a celebrity, I don't think I'd want people falling all over themselves to meet me all the time. I spotted Will Forte of Saturday Night Live at the Seattle Airport this summer, but he was wearing a baseball cap pulled down, and I figured he just wanted to fly wherever he was going anonymously. I really like his comic sensibility. He brings an element of absurdity on SNL, and I would love to ask him about his writing for the show "Action" on Fox. But I left him alone.

I give my cowardice one empty scrotum. I should grow a pair.

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