Monday, June 2, 2008

Why I'm a Bad Person

I would like to begin this post with the acknowlegment that I know this is wrong. But I don't care.

This weekend Midge and I bought 3 movies for $20 at the local (corporate) movie place. We got "Michael Clayton," "The Darjeeling Limited," and "Cloverfield." We hadn't seen "Cloverfield," so we thought we'd give it a try. We watched it, and it is an interesting and well-made movie. But there's one problem: it made both of us nauseous. The movie is shot from the perspective of a home video camera, like "The Blair Witch Project." It's effective, but it jerks around so much we both got a little sick. Here's where the badness begins.

We don't want to own this movie. It makes us physically ill. So we return it to the store with the excuse that, coincidentally, Midge's parents gave us this very same movie on the same day! Could we please exchange it for another movie? The manager is nice, and lets us. Midge wants to get "Hot Fuzz," as do I. But the problem is that it only costs $9.99, whereas "Cloverfield" is $14.99, so they can't do the exchange. But it just so happens that they've lowered the price of "Zodiac," and together, they add up to the same as "Cloverfield." Actually there was a dollar difference, and we're not sure how that really worked out. But anyway, bottom line, we got two movies we really wanted, in exchange for one we don't.

And the worst part? I've probably done this 4 or 5 times before. It's like renting a movie for free.

I give this low-level fraud six pre-viewed DVDs out of 8.


Midge said...
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Stanley said...

How does it feel to be grifter? Rewarding? I'd imagine it's rewarding. When they make the movie about your life I hope John Cusack is availavble.

Max Power said...

I hope a young Annette Bening is available to play my wife. She was hot (just like my wife). Perhaps I could get you into the film somehow. Maybe the corpse of James Brown is available.