Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ninja Warrior

This is the greatest show on television right now. It's a Japanese game show that can be seen on G4, a cable channel in the 100's. If you don't have those channels, you're kind of screwed. If you do, start watching it. This show is on all the time. This Saturday I watched about 5 hours, on and off. I was doing work around the house much of the time, lest you think I'm lazy. Below are some clips. Enjoy!



I give Ninja Warrior six faceplants in knee-deep water!

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Stanley said...

Ninja warrior does, without a doubt, kick serious ass. Often when we encounter a tough situation in life and the world is crumbling around our ears, we ask ourself the age old question, "What would Makoto Nagano do?" Then everything is made clear.