Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Thoughts

First, I got a haircut today on my lunch break. I went to Great Clips, because it's near my work. The wait was 45 minutes, so I said the hell with it and left. On the way back to my car, I realized I parked next to the Phagan's School of Beauty. A haircut that costs six bucks, by someone who's just learning how to do it? I'm listening....

The girl who cut my hair was clearly nervous. Instead of just diving in and doing the easy stuff (like shearing the back of my head with the razor), she did it slowly. I don't think she remembered what I asked for by the time she was done; she was just kind of trimming it. That's fine, I only paid six bucks. But the best part of the whole experience came about five minutes into my hair cut. Remember, this is a SCHOOL of beauty. A man or woman (couldn't tell which) came on over the intercom.

"Attention, Shaniqua and Ashley, you need to get off of your cell phones... now."


"Yes, we can see you. We have security cameras. Off the phone, now."


One More Thing...

We were watching the third episode of the second season of "The Wire" last night, and the dvd started having digital glitches and wouldn't play. I took it out and cleaned it off, but it was spotless. I think the disc itself was flawed. We stayed up an extra hour just to watch this one goddamned episode, and with just ten minutes left in the show, it stopped.

I give my beauty school field trip two cell phones, snapping shut.
I would like to serve our dvd experience a subpoena to testify in court why it sucks so badly.

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Stanley said...

I'm so pleased you're watching The Wire. So pleased.

If you want to catch what you missed, might I suggest Television Without Pity and their snarky recaps? Enjoyable even if you've seen the episodes.