Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Latest Obsession

My friend Mike and I have discovered a great new way to waste time at work. We've been developing elaborate ways to flip one another off. We began talks today to develop a website, devoted to the finger. We realize we'll have to illustrate our techniques, using either photos or drawings. The main problems are that neither of us are web-savvy enough to design any website from scratch, and the time it would take to do it right. Anyway, we've spent the last week flipping each other off, in increasingly complex ways.

I'll give you an example. Make a fist with both hands. Extend the middle finger of each. Turn your hands over, so that your fingers point to the ground. Begin rhythmically jabbing your fingers down an inch or two, one at a time. You've just done the "Old Man Typing" flipoff. Congrats!

Here's another. Raise one arm to the sky. Make a flipoff with your other hand. Rub your armpit with that hand, like you would a stick of deodorant. Congratulations! You've just done the "Speed Stick."

Anyway, I'd estimate that we have a couple dozen techniques so far. Do you all have any you'd like to share? How about suggestions for starting a website?


Midge said...
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Max Power said...

You're right Midge.
Thanks to you, Mike, Eric, Kevin, and the rest of the weirdos who also contribute!