Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Don't Like to Work

I've had a tough time focusing at work lately. I'm not sure why. I just had my yearly review (even though I've worked there more than two years), and it was 95% positive. But I've really struggled this week staying on top of things. My job has daily deadlines, and I've nearly missed them two days in a row. I'm also messing up simple details that I normally wouldn't. I wonder if it's complacency, the bad sleep I've been getting, or something else. I was promoted right before the wedding, and switched from overnights to a daytime schedule. I've been doing that 2 months now. I'm also kicking my reliance on Ambien, which means some nights I wake up a lot. I wonder what effect these things are having on me, or if I'll just never like working. I find my job occasionally irritating, but it's challenging and changes everyday. Midge thinks I might just need to find a job that I always like (easier said than done, of course), but I don't know if a job exists that I'll ever roll out of bed excited to go to.

I give working a job: two pink slips and an official reprimand.

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