Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 2007-2008 Portland Trailblazers

Even without Greg Oden, I'm excited about this team. The wife, my sister, and my friend Sophie and I went to the Blazers' fan fest last night at the Rose Garden. Sophie got tickets for free through her work! I was very excited until I realized that everyone got free tickets. But it was fun. We got there late, because I had to work, but we caught the scrimmage, which is the highlight anyway. It was fun to see the guys play in a free-flowing pick-up style game. It let us see more of their personalities, and daydream of playing alongside them. There was also a hilarious moment before the scrimmage with the team's rookies. Here are some random thoughts on this year's team.

- I really like Jarrett Jack. I don't understand why so many people poo-poo him. The guy is careful with the ball, has an above average mid-range game, and is the kind of guy who can contribute without jacking up a lot of shots.
- Taurean Green has a really ugly jumpshot. I hear Nate McMillan is considering playing him a lot this year, but I can't believe that. He has a gym-rat jumper.
- Raef LaFrentz is a talented guy. You can see why he was projected to be a big-time player out of Kansas. He's kind of a tweener, game-wise. He just needs playing time and a steady stream of mid-range jumpers.
- Brent Petway (who the Blazers apparently cut today) has incredible hops. Too bad that's it.
- Brandon Roy never looks flustered, or even like he's trying that hard. But he's still the best guy on the court. It seems like the game comes to him easily.
- Sergio Rodriguez still excites me. I hope he doesn't get buried on the bench. It seems like he just needs time.

I hope to get to several games this year. I need to figure out when we can go, and how many tickets we can afford. It's going to be a fun season!

I rate this team a B-, with potential for much more.

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Libby said...

That rookie on the far left can really move, I mean he had it going on!