Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Office, Season 3

On the first week of our honeymoon, the wife and I took some redundant wedding gifts back to Target, to get the stuff we didn't get but still need. We also had a couple of gift cards. So after we picked out our new plates and stuff, we decided to get the third season of The Office on dvd. We missed a couple of episodes when it originally aired, and we had a week to kill before the cruise.

I gotta tell you, this season is fucking great. It seems like when series add new characters, it's either an interesting new wrinkle that takes the show to the next level... or it's the kiss of death. In this case, the new characters add wonderful new dimensions. The addition of Andy is a miracle. He actually makes Michael seem sympathetic. Ed Helms is just the latest talented "Daily Show" expatriate to make his mark. It's also interesting that the show managed to give Dwight another nemesis, who is still completely different than Jim. Speaking of Jim... I'm kind of torn on his new girlfriend. Karen, while necessary to create more tension with Pam (and put off their inevitable relationship), seems less like a character than a plot device. I also feel like at times she's a little bit too close to Pam as a character. They both have wry senses of humor and they're both always in on the joke. As the episodes go on, you can see how Karen is a bit more neurotic in her own way, and other differences surface as well. Overall I like her, but I wish she had been written to be more distinguishable from Pam.

I really enjoy the two crises the characters face this season. First: the possible dissolution of the Scranton office. I like that it gave Michael a nice moment of glory, in addition to the obvious plot tension. Second: the "who's going to get the corporate job" fight. If you haven't seen it, I won't give it away, but I can't wait to see the relationship in season 4 between Michael and his new boss.

Favorite Episode: "The Convict" The office discovers one of the new Stamford employees has a criminal record. Two words best sum up the genius of this episode: "Prison Mike."

Least Favorite Episode: "Cocktails" Michael and Jan go to a Dunder-Mifflin corporate event as a couple for the first time. It has moments, but ultimately it's just too uncomfortable. I realize that's half the humor in the show, but this one just rubs me the wrong way.

Rating: 10 Dwight Shrute bobbleheads... all nodding YES!

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