Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Culinary Adventure: Scallop Pasta

This one turned out really well. I still plan on reviewing those things I promised earlier, but I'm in the mood to do this one instead. Last night we continued our culinary adventuring with a recipe that the wife found, and we improved together. I'm not used to writing recipes, so follow this one as best you can.
1. Cook your favorite pasta.

2. In one sautee pan, fry up several cloves of garlic. Cook them until they're brown, then remove the cloves to mash over bread. Save the oil in the pan, now that it's all garlicky.

3. In another, larger sautee pan, sear your bay scallops over medium heat with olive oil. We used about 3/4 of a pound for the two of us, which was a few too many. Get them nice and toasty on both sides.

4. In the same oil you just sauteed your garlic, fry up your veggies. We used finely chopped spinach, mushrooms, and chopped fresh basil. Cook them to taste. Remember with spinach that it will always wilt, so put in at least twice as much as you think you might want.

5. When your veggies are close to done, dump in a healthy helping of fresh chopped tomatoes.

6. When your veggies, scallops, and noodles are all done, dump them into the same pan you're cooking the scallops. Toss them together, adding salt, parmesan cheese, and more olive oil to taste.

7. Try to remove the reek of garlic and fish from your house. Good luck.

8. Evacuate your bowels.

9. Repeat.

I give this recipe six green, red, and white flags. I dare you to try it!

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