Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wing-Eating Contest

My friend Orion and I have agreed in principle to engage in a hot-wing eating contest. We may invite Mike from BenkoBlog. We've decided to buy a ton of frozen wings from Costco, cook them up, and see how many we can eat in 10 minutes. I was arguing for barbecue sauce instead of buffalo sauce, because it's about stomach capacity, not our ability to withstand spicy food. But I think Orion will win with his argument that it's more about the overall experience than mass-eating. We'll have perhaps 50 wings for each competitor, a bowl full of blue cheese dressing each, and a glass of something to drink. I doubt any of us will come anywhere close to eating that many wings.

This was all sparked from a post on, in which the writer tells a story about Portland Trail Blazer Channing Frye. He reportedly ate 86 in one sitting at Fire on the Mountain, a local wing restaurant. I can't fathom eating that many, but Channing's a big, big man.

I've been craving wings lately, so this should kill that craving altogether. I give this contest idea three bloated, distended stomachs, and a big bottle of Tums.

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