Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ankle Sprain

Ladies and Gentlemen, this won't be pretty. I direct your attention to my left ankle, perfectly normal. Below, is my right ankle, after spraining it pretty good at the gym. I just want to say thanks to the guy who chose to undercut me during a jump shot. I really enjoyed stepping on your foot. I really liked rolling my ankle and hearing it pop. I will also enjoy being inactive for the next month. Super.

Exhibit A: Normal Ankle

Exhibit B: Sprained Ankle

I give my painful ankle one month of rehab. I give (gave) the guy who hurt it a dirty look and a swear word or two.


Midge said...
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Stanley said...

uuhhhuhuhuhuhu *shudder*

Nice one.

Libby said...

OMG, it looks like your ankle has the plague! I hope you're not on the DL for too long.

Alicia said...