Monday, March 17, 2008

"The Bank Job"

So the wife and I went and saw "The Bank Job" this weekend, just one of several things we did on a busy weekend. On Friday, we went over to our friends' new house. It's not exactly in the part of town that we want to live in, but it's close. It's on a really busy road, so we were kind of skeptical. But it turns out, it's a cool house. It's small, basically four rooms with a bathroom in the middle, but it's got great old Portland style. Also, it's more than a house; it's a compound. In the backyard, they have an 8x10 freestanding bedroom/study/writing shack. It's heated and wired for electricity. The previous owner turned the garage into a recording studio, which is convenient since our friends are in a band. We were impressed.

On Sunday, we went out for a matinee with Midge's parent, "The Bank Job." It's a good heist movie, based on a supposedly true story. A bunch of low-level crooks get sucked into a scheme to rob a bank vault in 1970 London. What they don't know is there are incriminating photos inside the vault that the government wants. The "how are they going to do it?" stuff is interesting, as is the historical insight. Midge's mom says a lot of it rung true. On the whole, I liked it. The beginning is a bit muddled, as it tries to pack too many elements and characters together quickly. But once the dust settles, the plot advances nicely, and the characters don't feel flat, as they often do in these kinds of movies. I was pleasantly surprised, and I always like Jason Statham, even though he does star in an awful lot of crap. The other thing I liked about this movie: boobs. If you like women's bare breasts, this movie is for you!

I give this story six bouncing boobs.

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