Friday, November 20, 2009

Novembeard Update + Double Yolk!

It's week 3 now of Novembeard, the annual beard growing event between me and my friends. I'm getting pretty bushy now. I realize when I see these pictures how much I resemble a homeless person. I feel terrible for my wife. She's so nice to put up with all this silliness. Alright, here are the pictures:

November 20 - The neck swirl is really becoming noticable

November 13 - I need a shave and haircut badly

November 6th - I am ugly

October 31st - the last day I shaved

Okay, now that we're done with all that ridiculousness, here's the really important news. This morning, as I was preparing my delicious and nutritious breakfast, I was given a rare treat: a double-yolked egg! I've never seen one before, but have always wanted one since I first heard about them in the movie "Chicken Run". Take a look:

Yowza! I give this whole beard thing one hearty scratch, and the egg six clucks up!


Midge said...

I am still strenuously objecting to your non-discriminating pictures of me. Come on Voll, come on.

Micahoe said...

Beards just take commitment and a little humility. I truly believe you could grow some glorious facial hair, although doubt Midge will let you.
Also, I am surprised you have never seen a double. Congrats.