Monday, November 10, 2008

What a Weekend!

I was supposed to have a low-key weekend by myself. Midge went to the beach with her college roommates, so I was thinking I'd play a little NBA Live, finish Band of Brothers (which I began watching AGAIN), and work on some music. But it didn't quite work out that way.

It's my little sister's birthday, so obviously, we have to hang out. I play basketball after work against the douchey teenagers at the gym, then drop something off at a friend's house. I then realize that I'm really late, so I pick up my sister, still all grimey from the gym. I'm supposed to take her out to dinner before we meet her friends at Angelo's for drinks at 8. I pick her up at 7:10. What a good brother. I change back into normal clothes in my car, while she gets us our table at Thai Thai (least creative name ever!) . The food is greasy and bland, but the sister liked it, so eh... We meet her friends at Angelo's, where I run into a friend. We talk for awhile, while sister hangs out with her friends. Then we head over to Sewickly's Addition, and get a drink. It was nice; two people bought me shots because I'm the birthday girl's brother. Then her douchebag ex-boyfriend shows up, with flowers and a kiss on the top of the head. I'm so fucking angry I can barely focus on the people I'm talking to. I simply want to pierce his skull with my eyeballs. I leave shortly after, just in time to witness a spectacular end to the Blazers game:

I meet Mike after work for more basketball against the teenagers. We go over to Chuck's house for a "kegger." I put "kegger" in quotes because although he has a keg, there are only like 10 people there, and two of them are his parents. They're getting ready for Montana's game against PSU. His father is the loudest man on the face of the earth. It was fun, overall, and we stayed a while.

I wake up at 1:30, and the day disappears. The sister comes over and we take a really, really long walk, ending with burritos from the cart near the house. Then I watched the Blazers beat the Timberwolves, and head over to the neighbor's house for his 32nd birthday party. They had the biggest selection of liquor I've ever seen at a house party. Who needs beer when there's more booze than 30 people could ever drink? I again stayed up late, and eventually my sister came back and hung out, too. The first 3 hours I was there, I only knew my neighbors, which was weird. I generally am not the kind of guy who makes new friends at a party, but I did okay after about 45 minutes of awkwardly standing by myself.

Sunday was not too exciting, so I'll not talk about it. Anyway, so long to my dream of doing nothing for three straight days. I give my weekend 5 out of 10 points. What I did was fun, but it wasn't quite what I wanted.

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