Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Barack Obama E-Mail

I can't believe this. I'm sure you've seen the Barack Obama email going around. Basically it says he's a radical Muslim terrorist looking to bring down the U.S. from the inside. You can read it yourself here.

Even more outrageous, the Clark County Republicans posted it on their official website as legitimate! They took it down, with a shabby near-apology. I find the quote from MLK on the top of the page especially ironic.

I wonder how this vicious email began. I can see it one of two ways, although I'm confident I know which it is. The nicer explanation (if there is one) is that some well-meaning, albiet misguided, person took a series of urban legends or coincidences and connected dots that weren't there. The more realistic scenario is much worse. Republican douchebag apparachiks pumped out a series of plausible sounding lies to smear a legitimate threat to become president. At least I hope they were Republicans. I'd hate to see Democrats stooping to this. A reporter at a Portland station tried to get answers as to why the local GOP would advance this bullshit. Their lame-ass response is here, or at least it will be soon.

I hate what our political process has become and give the Clark County GOP a big middle finger.

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